Presentation Skills for Employees


Presentation Skills for Employees

2 Days

Course Overview

This course will provide an outline to presentation skills as it is an important skill which should be adopted by employees in the workplace. During this course, we will provide practical techniques to improve self-talk and deliver a clear speech, learn how to create more influence and memorable presentations, interact with your audience confidently during a presentation and overcome the obstacles of public speaking. This course will enhance your ability of public speaking and help you gaining confidence during presentation which will open more doors in your career


Al Azaiba South, Muscat



Per participant - 45 OMR (Fees + VAT as applicable)

Course Outline


Create a clear presentation structure that audiences can easily follow 

Reduce the effectiveness of common mistakes in public speaker 

Prepare in a way that allows you to reduce nervousness 

Deliver your talk to create a positive, lasting impression with audience 


1. Modules – Fundamentals of presentation skills 

      · What makes you a great public speaker? 

      · What common mistakes will instantly lose audience interest 

      · How to be able to present with no notes regardless of the talk length 

      · How to be engaging and confident 

      · Getting your message across clearly and effectively

2. Modules – Structuring Slides 

      · Steps in preparing a Presentation. 

      · Know how to create a storyline 

      · Understand the importance of knowing the audience’s interests 

      · Fluency and accuracy in writing slides points 

3. Modules – Tools to make a presentation

     · PowerPoint 

     · Canva

4. Modules – Practise session 

     · Practising in front of the classmates 

     · How to do pre-speaking 

     · Using verbal and body language correctly 

     · Deliver your speech with confidence 

     · Overcoming nerves with simple practical tips


2 Days (3 hrs)


Basic Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint


Employees who work especially with the non-Arabic speaker 

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