Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing Course

5 Days

Course Overview

The Digital Revolution is vividly transformed the way many products are created, promoted, distributed, and consumed. Before the dawn of new digital technologies such as the Internet, personal computer and smartphone, physical marketing was largely the medium to market. Today, many marketing activities such as how products are endorsed are increasingly Digital in nature. This revolution has led to a massive shift in the outlook of marketing communications, while also creating new opportunities for businesses to reach and engage consumers through smart, social, and mobile media technologies. As a training organization we understood the requirements of the digital market world, hence came up with a 20 hrs course on Digital Marketing Certification

Following are the details of the course

This course offers in-depth knowledge on how to use new digital media tools including Social Media Marketing, SEO Marketing and Content marketing to name a few. This course recognizes an individual’s accumulated skill in developing and executing an integrated digital marketing strategy in alignment with organizational goals. Understanding that digital marketing decisions have a direct impact on the organization’s growth, revenue, profitability and are imperative for a certified digital marketer. The topics covered under this course will help both marketing professionals as well entrepreneurs and business people.


Al Azaiba South, Muscat



Per participant - 55 OMR (Fees + VAT as applicable)

Course Outline


  •  a) To understand the web analytics.
  •  b) To develop an effective Ecommerce website.
  •  c) To understand successful mobile advertising.
  •  d) To understand various types of Advertising Campaigns.
  •  e) To understand various aspects of Social Media Marketing.
  •  f) To understand the value and importance of Internet Marketing.
  •  g) To identify various strategies to improve search engine rankings.
  •  h) To design and implement Internet and email marketing campaigns.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module 2: Digital Media & Marketing Strategies

Module 3: Content & Email Marketing

Module 4: Social Media Media Marketing

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing

Module 6: Web Designing

Module 7: Web Analytics


This course uses a variety of learning tools, including demos and videos.
Five Day Course- 4 hrs Each day
Total: 20 hours


Basic understanding of Operating System


Person operating in a business setting/organization with a need to express themselves efficiently in writing.

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