Business Writing Skills


Business Writing Skills

3 Days

Course Overview

Learning and polishing business writing skills can have a constructive impact on an individual’s career advancement. Professional writing enhances productivity and the ability of all functional areas to work together, particularly in a progressively global workplace where alliances is the norm.  Clear and concise writing is the key to help audience understand the message—whether it’s delivered in an email, report, memo or journal. As organizations have realized that business writing skills training is a staple for capability development initiatives. We at International Training World have come up with this interesting Three-Day course on Business Writing skills. Following are the details of the course;

This course offers an outline to business writing skills as it relates to the conscripting of emails, memos and business letters. During this course, we will learn to apply tools of structuring and business writing techniques, designed to cater for the modern business environment. Additionally, we will highlight the use of simple, clear and positive language in addressing daily business affairs. This course will help you deliver your message powerfully and effectively while saving time and getting desired response.


Al Azaiba South, Muscat



Per participant - 70 OMR (Fees + VAT as applicable)

Course Outline


1) Have comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of business writing

2) Practice basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters and memos

3) Deliver solid conclusions through organized structure and flow

4) Use business writing etiquettes


Module1: Fundamentals of Business Writing

· Statement of Purpose

· Indentation and Formatting

· Presentation

· Conciseness in Writing

· Practice Session

Module 2: Crafting powerful Business Writing-How to write briefly?

· Write punchier, more concise messages – with confidence

· Craft simple, elegant content that’s easy to understand

· Transform your writing into powerful, professional written communication

· Learn how to select the most compelling words

Module 3: Business Writing & Grammar

· How to grab the reader’s attention with a good subject line

· Common Grammatical Errors

· Redundant Phrases

· Punctuation and Tone

· Practice session

Module 4: Various types of Business Letters

· Business Letters

· Memorandums

· Business Emails

Module 5: Practice Session- Writing Templates

· Business Letter Template

· Minutes of the Meeting

· Practice Exercises & Feedback



This course uses a variety of learning tools, including writing activities, controlled experiments and videos.

Three Day Course- 4 hrs Each day

Total: 12 hours


Basic understanding of MS Word  


Person operating in a business setting/organization with a need to express themselves efficiently in writing.

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